3DSports is powered by OptiGolf, the world's leader in indoor virtual golf. Our simulators allow golfers of all levels to practice their game during any month of the year. With 73 courses to choose from, OptiGolf gives golfers the option to choose a real course, including many famous courses or a fantasy course. Test your skills with a difficult course, an easier one or a par 3 course!
New to 3D Sports is our shooting simulator! With virtual hunting and target practice, this simulator has proven to be very accurate!
Golf Rates

Screens are rented by the hour for $32 per hour. If you bring a 4-some, that's only $8 per hour!

Weekday Rate: $22 per hour
Mon- Thurs until 5 pm

Now offering Full Memberships!

Shooting Simulator Rates

$16 for 30 minutes